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Guys 'n Gals Hair Products

Guys n' Gals Hair Products
Guys n' Gals offer a complete range of home care products and accessories as follows:

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  • Did you know that two out of every three men can expect to be bald or balding by the time they reach 50?
  • As many as 36% of all women between the ages of 40 and 49 agonize over the loss of their hair
Nioxin Help is at hand. For more than a decade Nioxin has dedicated extensive research to the problems of thinning hair. Nioxin is the all natural non drug alternative for fine thin hair. We offer the full range for the Nioxin at home maintenance program.

Demodex Folliculorum This little mite is the Demodex Folliculorum. A Tulane University study established that:

  1. Demodex WAS found on 88% of men and women studied with THINNING HAIR
  2. Demodex WAS NOT found on 91% of men and women with NORMAL HAIR DENSITY
The top six reasons for hair loss are: genetic; stress; diet; health; medications; environment

Five early warning signs are; acne; Seborrhea; Alopecia Areata; excessive daily hair loss; excessive body hair on men

Types of hair loss: Alopecia Areata; Alopecia Totalis; Alopecia Universalis; Androgenetic Alopecia; Androngenic Alopecia; Mitogenic Alopecia

Nioxin is a scientifically proven solution. We offer the following Nioxin products:

Nioxin #1 Bionutrient Cleanser (Recommended for men) is designed to gently remove cosmetic buildup, chlorine and minerals from normal to oily hair. Hydrophobic lipids are produced in the body and, when left in the scalp, interrupt healthy hair growth. Only Nioxin cleansers will dissolve this lipid buildup and, with daily use, keep it at safe levels. Hair will look fuller and thicker after only two shampoos, and with continued daily use, hair and scalp will remain in optimum condition.

Trendline Hair Products Nioxin #1C Bionutrient Cleanser (Recommended for women) is formulated for dry or chemically treated hair. It contains special ingredients to help problems known to cause thinning hair in women. It helps reduce excessive daily hair loss and prepares the scalp for the application of Nioxin Bionutrient Treatment.

Nioxin Scalp Therapy-Conditioner, unlike conventional hair conditioners, will not block pores or hair follicles, thereby improving oxygen and nutrient uptake. Vitamins, proteins and amino acids help to nourish and activate the hair follicle to produce better, stronger hair. European botanicals and exotic herbs restore a healthy scalp moisture balance and help relieve scalp tightness, dryness, flaking and itching.

Nioxin #2 and #2C Bionutrient Treatments contain vitamins and amino acids which stimulate microcirculation, blood flow to the hair follicle, which nourishes the roots of the hair to help produce stronger, thicker, fuller hair. Nioxin's exclusive Transactive Delivery Systemô transports bionutrients through nutrient pathways to provide the optimum environment for healthy hair growth. Botanical ingredients help to restore vibrancy to hair color. Nioxin's unique Chemical Inhibiting Factor provides time-release protection to help safeguard against chemical degradation of the hair follicle.

Goldwell Nioxin NX3 research has shown that men and women who have higher levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) usually have a higher level of testosterone which is the primary causes of thinning hair. Levels of DHT can be brought on by the effects of UV light (sunlight) on the scalp. A phototoxic chemical reaction in the skin caused by exposure to sunlight can form free radicals. Free radicals have a deadly effect on all cells, including the cells that build and regenerate new hair growth in the follicle itself. NX3 can be used by anyone experiencing extreme hair loss or receding hair lines. NX3 is an intensive nutrient treatment containing a special complex of unique time-release ingredients specifically formulated to target all areas of extreme thinning. NX3's free radical scavengers protect hair and scalp from phototoxic effects of sunlight, and the advanced nutrients in NX3 boost the effectiveness of the Bionutrient Treatment. Nioxin NX3 is not a drug and requires no prescription. This product has NO adverse side effects.

We also sell the Nioxin Hair Snare. The snare is placed over your shower drain where you can count the daily hair loss from your current shampoo. Use Nioxin for 30 days and recount your hair loss. The numbers will speak for themselves.

If you wish to learn more about your specific hair loss problems please phone for an appointment with our trained Nioxin cosmetologist. She is a well equipped professional who can identify the beginning of a problem. You can rest assured that we will ensure your confidentiality.

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Semodex Semodex Scalp Serum inhibits the action of Demodex-produced lipase on the scalp skin which can adversely affect quality, condition and appearance of hair.

It creates a healthy scalp environment with a thicker, fuller, healthier looking hair. Available in mens and womens formulas.

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Guys n' Gals - one of the team Isinis Accessories:

We also stock a large range of hair accessories including:

  • Brushes by Isinis and Avanti
  • Curling Irons
  • and many more miscellaneous hair tools
hair colour

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