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Guys 'n Gals Make Up Products

Guys n' Gals stock a large variety of different beauty products for sale by mail order or directly over the counter. We are sure to have something to suit your skin. Call in and ask one of our trained professionals.

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Cecil B. Makeup Products - After years of extensive research and development Cecil B. has created one of the most extensive color co-ordinated lines of makeup available. These colors and textures achieve the results professionals demand.

Guys 'n Gals Make Up Products Our salon stocks the whole range of products which includes eye shadows, pencils for eyes, lips and brows, mascara, concealer, foundation, translucent powder, powder blush, lipstick, lip sheen, nail veil, and makeup brushes for complexion, countours, shadows, fluffing, liner and lips.

We believe there is more to makeup than just purchasing the product. Our professional makeup artist will show you what to do and assist you in making the correct choices. Just call in to see our full range.

Silk Therapy

The ideal lightweight, replenishing treatment to protect and maintain hair and skin in optimum condition is Silk Therapy. Concentrated silk, fortified with botanicals and Vitamin E, imparts a smooth and silky feel while providing a brilliant high gloss shine. Silk Therapy will not build up or weigh hair down. Sunscreens guard hair from possible UV damage.



Hathor offers you superior Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils. They are extracted through steam distillation from aromatic plants which are carefully selected and organically cultivated whenever possible.

Aromatherapy helps:

Strengthen the immune system Combat the effects of free radicals
Reduce tension and depression Eliminate toxins and build healthy tissues
Stimulate energy flow Rejuvenate the skin
Benefit both nervous and circulatory systems

Hathor body oils are soothing, energizing, exotic, refreshing, balancing and toning. Used in the bath or directly on the skin, Hathor acts as a nourishing moisturizer or massage oil and helps with your pace of life, environmental factors and stress. It will certainly affect the way you look and feel.

Hathor Aromatherapy Products are "enviro-active" and contain no synthetic fragrances or petroleum based ingredients. Our products are a no-harm product and are not tested on animals. See our esthetician for more details and prices.

Body Care

Guys 'n Gals Products In addition to Hathor Aromatherapy Guys n' Gals provide advice on the following body care products:
  • Australian hand and body lotion - Good for before and after waxing

  • Keyano Aromatics Salon & Spa Products - Haircare, Lavender Body Collection, Verbena Body Collection, Bath and Body, Skincare
Ask for details

L'estrel Home Skin Care Program

L'estrel offers you a unique home skin care program which not only helps your skin keep its natural moisture level but it will also help prevent blackheads. The program must be combined with treatments offered by your esthetician which will help make up for daily losses in water, vitamins and collagen. Your L'estrel trained esthetician's background is your guarantee that the products and treatments she recommends are the ones best suited to your needs.

L'estrel Home care consists of a morning treatment of "soft mask" and "day foundation" followed by a nightly treatment of "cleansing milk", "toning lotion", "foam lotion" and "regenerative night cream". For intensive care "serum ampoules" are available to regain vitality and the radiance of youth. We can guarantee a healthy and clean skin, a finer skin grain, less lines resulting from dryness and dehydration and a more supple skin.

As our esthetician will tell you, "Nature is really the only true source of beauty".

Clayton Shagal

Clayton Shagal skin-care products are conceived and nurtured with respect and integrity in tribute to a most distinguished natural element: the skin.

Are you in the market for a face-lift but can't afford it? If so, the Clayton Shagal skin care line is for you. The unique treatment from Germany will re-build the skin from scars, sagging and acne, plus much more.

Clayton Shagal It is a collagen product in three main steps:

  • Collage Gel: Non-hydrolyzed acio solid collagen to help retain moisture. It penetrates and aids in replacement of collagen lost in the aging process

  • Elastin Gel: Protein is essential for the skin and helps to treat acne skin and couperose

  • Hyprocel Gel: Protein with albumen which helps to tighten the skin and also acts as a booster for collagen fibre. Used for deeply wrinkled skin parts like the eye, neck amd mouth areas, it stimulates the exchange of nutrients and oxygen at cellular level
Our products are varied as are skin types. It is recommended that you contact our esthetician who can advise you on the best products available for your particular kind of skin. Please phone to make a no obligation appointment. Your skin is precious! Look after it. You won't regret calling.

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